Effervescent Tea was founded by Lonny and Nan Thiessen. We grew up in a community that loved their hearty home cooking, which in turn has given us an appreciation for food in general. Before pregnancy and kids, we started to become aware of which foods actually made us feel good. Nutrition became vitally important, as we wanted to raise healthy kids! We both enjoy cooking and trying new things. Preparing food to look gourmet AND ensuring it is good for us, is a fun every day challenge!

Hence, the journey to healthier living began.
We started to brew kombucha, prepare cultured raw vegetables, make kefir, and generally cook and eat as organically as possible! We love to share our health success stories with the ones we love and care about. With our passion for a healthier life, and Lonny’s entrepreneurial mindset, it became evident that we could share the kombucha with everyone around us and Effervescent Tea was born!

We love our kombucha for so many reasons. The flavour is a big one, followed closely by the natural fizziness. This allows the fun of a soda pop without the guilt!
Kombucha has so much love to give! It is loaded with antioxidants, B vitamins, and, glucuronic acids that bind to the toxins entering the liver, and eliminates them out of the body via the kidneys.
We have heard from close friends and family who have had pain relief from stomach ulcers and hiatus hernias. Also people with digestive issues have found relief from drinking kombucha regularly!


Our kombucha brewery is located in Airdrie, AB in a state-of-the art Alberta Health certified facility.
We continually invest in our systems and technology to ensure the best quality in every aspect of our production. We are leveraging our deep knowledge of automation and process equipment to create a scalable, high-output brewery. All of our equipment is made from 316 grade stainless steel to ensure the cleanest flavors and eliminate any possibility of contamination.

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