Featured Retailer: Okotoks Natural Foods

Okotoks Natural Foods (ONF) is a small, independently run health food store, owned by Brenda and James Shaw. This store rivals any of the large chains for quality and selection of the freshest, tastiest organic and natural foods available, along with all of the other health promoting categories including vitamins and supplement, body and beauty, kitchen and home and so much more.

But what really separates ONF from the pack is James and Brenda themselves. You could not ask for a couple that is more friendly, kind and generous. Okotoks should count themselves lucky to have this fabulous couple be a part of their small business communities. The Shaws go out of their way to support local producers and farmers as well as community causes and events. They genuinely care about their customers’ health and wellness.

And James and Brenda’s glowing attitude shines in turn through their employees. Each time you their store, you can be sure to be greeted by a smiling face, inquiring as to how they can make your shopping experience, and your day, a little bit brighter.

For the month of April, we are excited to feature ONF as our Retailer of the Month! Stop in and grab a case of 12 for only $40!

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